WireLurker : A Apple Malware

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A bad news for iOS Device users  ,a malware called as a WireLurker  targeted all the iPhone.WireLurker is a new malware family, it is capable of infecting devices both Apple’s iOS as well as its desktop Mac OS X.It is the first known malware family that can infect installed iOS applications similar to how a traditional virus would,It is only the second known malware family that attacks iOS devices through OS X via USB, Palo Alto Networks the security company that uncovered the threat WireLurker could usher in a new era of increased Apple malware.

What WireLurker do with your system?

In many cases users might not see any difference since the iOS app will operate just like the legitimate version. WireLurker used to inject malicious code into Mac applications hosted on a third party Mac app store in China. When these trojanized apps are downloaded into a Mac, when iOS device connect with the USB,WireLurker installs and runs similarly infected iOS apps on the connected iOS device. malicious code will update itself, install additional infected applications and send user’s information and device information to a remote server. This information includes personal information such as the user’s phone number and Apple ID, as well as, device information such as serial number, model number and disk usage.WireLurker malware affects both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

What can I do to protect myself?


1}Use the Apple app store to install software on your iOS device. Do not accept requests to install software from an untrusted or unknown web page, even if the app being installed appears to be genuine.
2}Keep your iOS software up-to-date
3}Do not accept suspicious requests to install enterprise provisioning profiles on your iOS device.
4}Do not connect your device to unknown computers or charging devices.
5}Employ an antivirus or security protection product for the Mac OS X system and keep its signatures up-to-date


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