Wi-Fi Hacking and Protecting : Fluxion+knowledgesuttra

Wi-Fi Hacking and Protecting : Fluxion

There are many guides available for Wi-Fi hacking where tools such as WPS WPA tester, Reaver,etc are used. In which the tools are able to steal password but at some limit. Here’s the cool way to steal any Wi-Fi protected password.

Fluxion is a tool repository available on GitHub. Fluxion is available on the Kali Linux. Kali is always the best choice for hacking. Most tools comes as built in functionality, but some of tools must need to be imported/installed/configured. Fluxion is also one of them.

Importing and configuration with the Kali Linux.

  • Fire up the Kali Linux Machine
  • Open up the Terminal (Make sure that the git is installed and working in the machine.)

    • Write git clone
    • Change the directory to the cloned directory.
    • Then follow the steps
cd fluxion
sudo ./fluxion
sudo ./Installer.sh

A new window will open up.

This will automatically configure and setup the environment of Fluxion.

After that again type sudo ./fluxion

If the screen appears like this Congrats. You have successfully configured your machine for attack.

Now you have three options inside

You have to make sure that you have Wireless Adapter.

And you must give 30 Seconds to each options either to scan All Channels or Specific Channel.

Before leaving the page must read that the

Warning : Hacking any Wi-Fi Without the owner’s permission is illegal. According to the particular country might be it is crime. This is only for educational purpose, #TeamKnowledgeSuttra is neither encourage you nor advise you to do so. Do this at your own risk.

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