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What is Cheat Meal? : A quick Guide

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Have you tired to partake of your daily meal/diet and wants to have some fast, junk food . But you avoid because you think it may causes bad effect on you and on your all gains ?

Lets clear out all the above myth and belief. Because you can eat junky food once or twice in week and its called as chit meal.

What is cheat meal?

A small amount of junk food that you include in your diet as a reward for all your weekly hard work .  it might now one question jump in your mind do cheat meals have any negative effect on overall diet progress?

No,as long as you keep your calories and macros in check

How to take a Cheat Meal?

80-90% of your diet should come from “clean” and healthy foods and other 10-20% can come from whatever foods you like as long as it fits you total daily calories and protein,carbs and fats.stick to the basics of correct dieting and “cheat meal” are not going to magically cause you to get fat or lose muscle.

Take your cheat meal 2 time per week

So this the information about cheat meal and lets look on  cheat day

Cheat Days

1) unlike cheat meals ,cheat days can have a drastic impact on your overall diet

2) any calories you consume above your Maintenance on your cheat day will counteracts your weekly deficit.

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