Victimize the target: DDoS Attack

What is DDoS attack?

DDoS  It stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Distributed Denial of Service attacks a single target to make it unavailable to serve the services like website or etc.

There were numerous tools present for the DDoS attack is performing tools but as obviously we are here discussing about best tool ever.

LOIC DDoS tool.

LOIC stands for Low Orbit Ion Cannon. It sends the multiple packets to the victims when they are loaded from the Hackers Device. Hackers use this tool on Kali Linux where as the Windows user developed it to be used on the Windows Operating System, now-a-days it becomes available for nearly all popular Operating Systems.

Let’s start.

Before getting started go through the warning

Warning: Hacking anything owner’s permission is illegal. According to the particular country might be it is crime. This tutorial is only for educational purpose, even any website didn’t get harmed by us,  #TeamKnowledgeSuttra is neither encourage you nor advise you to do so. Do this at your own risk. We don’t take any responsibilities.  Hacking is skill. But try to be Ethical.

LOIC tutorial

This tools task we have discussed earlier. Now we will check for steps.

As you can see the Software has only one Panel, wherein 1 User Interface portions are subdivided into Five portions. Now check every step and then give it a try

Step 1:

Go to victims website or account or its URL or try to access it through Network by IP. Even you can try this option also which is never ever posted.

Then Open Application and paste the URL

Step 2

Select which type of attack should be from the drop down menu.

Step 3

Then Enter how many threads should be passed at a time.

Step 4

Check or uncheck the box and after that move for the next step

Step 5

Click on this button and everything started.

One thing that must be focused is the speed of the attack, it can be Re-assembled again & again.

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