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Tribute to The Indian Air Force

We are living safely in inside the country is the gift from our Indian Forces who are struggling on the Borders, off the border, and in the AIR. That are Military Forces, Indian Navy Forces, and Indian Air Forces, Indian Coast Guard.

There are many insider forces working too. They are required to do their duty but their duty is to save us.

Before 85 years, Indian Air Force is founded on 8th Oct 1932. And thus all over the India and across the globe this day is celebrated as Indian Air Force day(Bhāratīya Vāyu Senā Diwas).

Those who martyred in obeying their duties hats off to them. The reason we are living a safe life is their sacrifice. One line for them

We are because they was.

From the World War – II the Indian Navy is kindly working for our safety.
At the age of 19, Arjan Singh had joined Royal Air Force College. And he was the first guy to join NAVY at the early age.

The great guys joined NAVY by NDA qualifying examination by passion at the early age of 17,18. Some peoples joins after the graduation too. But after also they all works together and dedicated work toward the safety of India.

Let’s know some of their well known Navy Operation.

  1. World War II (1939–1945)
  2. Partition of India (1947)
  3. First Kashmir War 1947
  4. Congo Crisis (1961)
  5. Sino-Indian War (1962)
  6. Second Kashmir War (1965)
  7. Bangladesh Liberation War 1971
  8. Operation Meghdoot 1984
  9. Operation Poomalai (1987)
  10. Operation Pawan (1987)
  11. Kargil 1999
  12. Atlantique Incident

Historical Aircraft

This is about the history, now onward there are lot of operations coming for the Indian Army. But we all must support them not by remembering on the special occasion only, but remembering and trying the best of us to help them too. It’s better to help them before they get martyr on the duty.


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