Ultra Advanced Technology: The Google Glass

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Google Glass, I think everyone heard about the Google Glass. This technology was relies in 2013, and it was available for public in 2014. It had a basic 5 Megapixel still/720p camcorder/video camera. The headset got a lot of feedback and authoritative activity because of security and safety concerns.

Features of Google Glass

Google glass is pushing that territory any. This year, Lens seems like even additional of a push toward the long run of laptop vision, wherever apps “know” what the camera is “seeing.”

It’s what is required before anyone makes a killer try of smart glasses. And, on glasses, battery life cannot last long enough to try to the always-scanning stuff a phone will. There in sense, perhaps this sort of real-world-scanning AR is doing what glasses cannot yet. “If you’re thinking that concerning voice, that is the evolution of however these changes happen,”

Recognizing text and translating or coping it. Recognizing objects and checking out connected matches. Seeing posters and starting off videos and connected news. Obtaining directions and knowledge that floats before of my vision. Touch-pad: A touch-pad is found on the facet of Google Glass, permitting users to manage the device by swiping through a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen. slippy backward shows current events, like weather, and slippy forward shows past events, like phone calls, photos, circle updates, etc.


Google Glass applications square measure free applications designed by third-party developers.

Glass additionally uses several existing Google applications, like Google currently, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail. Several developers and corporations have designed applications for Glass, as well as news apps, face recognition, exercise, photograph manipulation, translation, and sharing to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Introduce folks to those changes in technology. In Lens, we have a tendency to completely we have a tendency to see this collectively of the primary steps that AR will create a distinction. If you’re thinking that regarding staring at the planet and the way does one enhance what you see. And during this case we have a tendency to happen to try to it with info.

If you would like your own try of those specs, you’ll have to be compelled to lay down $3,000 for the event edition or $5,000 for the industrial suite. Considering that Google Glass launched at $1,500 for “Explorers,” it’s clear that we’re not even on the brink of thought however. Still, this school is far additional strong than the small show engineered into Glass.

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