QRL Jacking/ QR code hacking + Whats App hacking

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Well as earlier we have seen that QR codes small info. Here is the next blog on QR code hacking. Just get up and fire your kali linux machine and clone the directory from github on your desktop folder.

Click on terminal, and move to the directory of Desktop.

cd Desktop

git clone:- https://github.com/OWASP/QRLJacking

Now you have successfully cloned the directory on your desktop. Checkout the folder after it shows the above screen.

Once you are in the Desktop directory, type

cd QRLJacking

This will show you the existing directories like

Now go folder QrlJacking-Framework

cd QrlJacking-Framework


Now you will see this

Now type

pip install –r requirements.txt

It will install the required dependencies which are not preinstalled, if already installed then it will verify whether they are compatible or not.

Now Launch the QRLJacker

python QRLJacker.py

It will brings you the screen which is completely same as given below

This is the list of attacks that can be performed. Go ahead and try with each and every option, let us know about your experience by your comments.

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