Passwords on Sale : Know your social media password worth

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  well I am not going to talk about how to secure your Social Media Account at all. As you all know everything is available for sale, just you have to know proper place for buy it. Your every single identity is already put on sale.  Now here comes the fun part.

We recently heard about Facebook Data Breach and Google+ Data Breach, Data mining Firm like Cambridge Analytic Row and many other are always active extract user data from different platform.

According Report “ These Year  Cambridge Analytic had stolen 5.6M user data among them 5.62 Lakh User are Indian “

   Cost Of Your Password

Cost of your social media account passwords or say other info ,it various depend upon platform. Like A single User Id from Instagram can Sold for 620/-INR ($60) .

There is different Market place for all such stuff named as DARK WEB. If you belongs to Technology field or had knack about hacking and other stuff , you already it might chances you already knows about Dark Web

Type Of Account Average Price
$5.20   [381.04/- INR]
$1.50  [109.92/- INR]
$7[512.94/- INR]
$60 [620/- INR]

Still all leading Social media sites take strict action to stop identity theft action. Many fake ID

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