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How to install WordPress on LocalHost: Offline

HI, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. WordPress one of the most powerful CMS [ content management system  ] . If you are planning to master of WordPress need to practice more. But practicing on live site may Cause crash the whole site even your whole effort And all your visitor may see 404 errors .

By installing WordPress on localhost provide you power to do anything with backend. Even if site crash you can fix it. As you have installed Woron localhost, you don’t have worry about 404 error or other stuff.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost/offline.

Bitnami Gives power to install WordPress on your personal computer, or say on localhost. Just few click and you ready to go . It doesn’t matter you are Windows user or Mac, Linux user. Binami available for all.
Open your Browser and search for Bitnami, click on the first result. Download Bitnami version
on according to your OS .

You can directly click here to download Bitnami

Once you done with downloading , just locate the downloaded file and follow my instruction

Step 1:

Just click and install the .exe file, A pop-up appear just hit next.

Step 2 :

After words It ask for select component by default WordPress is cheeked, Make sure you checked on phpmyadmin.

Step 3:

Volaa!! ,  You almost there. Now a pop-up comes and ask to Create admin account. Just fill all the box, and choose right password.

Note: the above user login you have setup, the same user id will applicable for phpmyadmin login

Step 4:

In these step you need to setup “blog name” or say your site name.

Step 5:

Here comes a fun part. Bitnami allows you to configure SMTP. Now its up to you if you want to setup go for it, live it unchecked .

As per my recommendation live it unchecked.

Step 6:

One more thing, Bitnami also allows you to launch your site on cloud, just check the box and hit next, and you will redirect to cloud different services.

Step 7 :

You all done, wait till installation done. And you all ready to go .

Step 7 :

Once it done installation. Go to browser and search for ”localhost “ .

Click on “Access WordPress. You all done .

How to Access Localhost WordPress Dashboard?

Your LocalHost url might be http://localhost/wordpress/ or “”

To access your WordPress dashboard, just addlogin” at the end of the url.

I.e http://localhost/wordpress/login

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