How to fix WordPress most common errors

How to fix WordPress most common errors

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Hope you all are doing great out there, In my earlier article I have Quoted five most common error in WordPress and how they sully your whole day. I also do have metion about the source of the problems, I believe” if you need fond solution of any problem first find out ite source  “

On these note lets started and highlight Common solution for every WordPress error .

First of all ,lets see previously quoted most common WP error

White Screen Of Death
Internal Server Error
Unable To Upload Image
Error in Establishing Connection  with Database
Stuck In Maintenance Mode

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Here is the Common solution for above every error

Here is the Common solution for above every Wp  error

1. Increase the PHP memory limit

     To do so login into your Cpanel and locate wp-config.php and add following single line after where it says  “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging” . 

Note:-  You can add instead of 120M anything value you desired  er. 64,450

 These defiantly solve insufficient memory problem, White Screen of Death ,

2. Disable all plugin in

As I do have quoted about, sometimes the main thing behind causing problem was specific plugin.  

For that u have to check it by disabling all plugin one by one, and at the same time keep check your site.

 In order to disable all plugin ,

  •   Do log in to your capnel and locate wp-content/plugin
  • And rename it.  For ex. Yostseo to yostseo_old

3. Shift to default theme

                As I mention how plugin Couse problem same happens with  Theme also.  In these case you have to shift to default theme.  

To do so, again log in to your Capnel, or use FTP

  •  Locate wp-content/themes
  • Find your currently activated Theme
  • Rename it, and by default WordPress will change to default theme

4. Enable debug mode

Enable debug mode , it might help you if above all the solution won’t work

To enable WordPress debug mode , locate wp-config.php file via login into Capnel and find following lines

and Change False into True , now these code looks like

 Do save it. It will trigger Wp debug  mode .

These will show you all the error ,so you can narrow it down.

These above solution help to fix common WordPress help. If you have any query mention in comment box

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