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NESSUS : Tool to discover, scan and find Vulnerability in NETWORK

In the previous session we’ve discussed about gaining the information of our victim. This guide is about scanning the network of a victim. But here we deal with the tool called as NESSUS. Yes ! Its open source(FREE).

Available on There is no need of Linux system to use this tool. You can easily download it from the link given above for MAC OS X, MICROSOFT WINDOWS , LINUX, FREEBSD, GPG KEYS. So there is no question about which GUI OS to be used for this.

Causes of vulnerabilities in Network !

1. Networking devices shouldn’t connected in proper manner.
2. Networking device’s configuration isn’t done properly.
3. A silly mistake in the OPEN/CLOSED ports setting.

If you have downloaded the tool called Nessus ,then proceed for the further tutorial.

As the IP of victim we got from the Fingerprinting. We will use that IP address to check vulnerabilities in network of the victim either it is organization or individual the Network configuration is important.
Click on new scan as shown in the image.

Nessus+new scan+knowledgesuttra

Nessus+new scanttra+knowledgesu

There are various built-in templates available. Recommended to use advanced scan & set up the parameters according to you. It allows us to make our system behave like what we want.

You can setup port scan planning, you can setup host scan planning, you can setup discovery of host planning, etc.


Setup your NESSUS tool according to your requirements.

Now directly enter the victims IP and make sure internet connection is fast and run at least 2 hours. Because it is very useful tool which scans your victim from the starting IP range to end. And then scanning the devices present in network and then gives arise the report in the user convenient form that can be HTML, or anything. In that report some of the IP address highlighted by RED ORANGE GREEN. Hope you can easily understand the color coding system. Red identifies that the devices on that IP can be used for hacking and exploiting.nessus image 4+knowledgesuttra

Now you can check one by one all IP address and one by one all tabs to check the vulnerabilities.

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