Five most common error in WordPress

Five most common error in WordPress

Hello, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  Let’s highlight some of the most occurring WordPress Error.  If you’re an WordPress developer an unexpected error is enough to sully your whole day.

If you’re an beginner these five error might seems intimidating at first look, but believe me most of Wp error are easy to handle and sort out though. Just you need to understand or say to identify source of the problem from where error triggers, and here you go by just few troubleshooting you can solve any error.

White Screen of Death

Sometimes due to PHP error a white screen appears while you visit site.  This blank screen with no information called as White Screen of Death in WordPress community

 Following are the source of problem :-


  Your newly installed theme might causing problem , and the worst part of the this error, It isn’t  showing any error message pointing you to the issue.


         Same with plugin though, Most of time the culprit behind the WSoD is a faulty plugin.

  Internal Server Error

This error occurs main from server side, and many other reason may trigger this error. It also called as 500 Internet Server Error.Internet Serve error+wordpress

Following are the source of problem :

  1. Problem might trigger by .htaccess file
  2. Your site has reached its memory limit.(mainly happens with shared hosting plan because of 512mb RAM)
  3. Due to broken Plugin.

  Unable to Upload Images

Sometime WordPress don’t allow you to upload any image. These happens when you have recently updated WordPress , it will change some permission .Unable to Upload Images+knowledgesuttra

In other words your  WordPress site don’t allow to add or access certain files . 

Error Establishing Database Connection

If your site page start showing massage like Error Establishing Database Connection.It Means there is problem with establishing connection with database .

Source Of The Problem :

  • Incorrect wp-config.php Information
  • Problems with Your Web Host
  • Failed Auto-Upgrade
  • Connection Timed Out

Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Whenever you install try to install new WordPress Update and if any interpret happens like poor net connection, or net connection disabled. These “Stuck In Maintenance Mode” Massage occurs  for all the visitor

  Source Of The Problem:

          Whenever you start updating Plugin or  WordPress new version, a file name .maintenance generated. Once you finished updating this file vanished automatically. Due to interpret this .maintenance file stays. You just have to delete these file manually and you all set.


Note:- In these article we are just going take a look WordPress common error, Solution for each error will be upload soon, stay connected




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