Is Your Favorite messaging app Secure?

Is Your Favorite messaging app Secure?

HI, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra, guys do you know how your favourite messaging application are secure like the most popular application Snapchat, WhatsApp, viber, Facebook, imessage etc.

This applications are having millions of users but you ever think how they are secure or this applications are really secure our private messages and information.

For the security Many companies offer ‘secure messaging’ products but are there systems actually secure? The “Electronic Frontier Foundation” has been finding out which Application is more secure producing a “secure messaging scorecard” to rate Application on the range of criteria.

Phases Of Rating App

There are two phases in EFF[ Electronic Frontier Foundation], in the first phase of EFF campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto explains the EFF. The first phase of campaign is represents in the scorecard. In the next phases, we are planning to offer closer examinations of the usability and security of the tools that score the highest here.

In EFF there are seven green ticks for rating an Application,they give green ticks on the bases of what’s interesting is that application likes of Silent Text, TextSecure, ChatSecure, Signal, SilentPhone, CryptoCat For the users choice of messaging app is not depend on “how secure is it” ? it is depending on which one are my friends using.

In the criteria of EFF KiK Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook chat WhatsApp,  Viber Don’t score well But Apple’s iMessage actually does score well, with five ticks out of seven.


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