Difference Between Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Difference Between Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Today we talk about very confusing topic ,many people doesn’t know difference in weightlifting and power-lifting. Both are very different sport but it see that people think weightlifting and power-lifting are same but it isn’t  the same sport

Today we clear the difference between weight lifting and power-lifting so lets get stared

Difference between Weightlifting and Powerlifting?

 Weightlifting play in Olympic and it has two event first is the Snatch, and second is the Clean and Jerk (C&J) and has different weight category.

In this two event each athlete get three chance and in this three chance those athlete who lift highest weight successfully declared as winner.  

In commonwealth game our Indian has done great job, Following are names and result In

reason is follow


Why powerlifting doesn’t play in Olympics?

Because in powelifting has many use of drugs that’s why this sport cant  play in  Olympic.

 In powerlifting has many federation but in that federation there has pro level competition and this is Olympia    powerlifting and this match is only one person win the match from india with gold and he is mukesh singh

In  56kg Category
GURURAJA Gets Silver MAdel
In 48kg Category
Chanu Saikhom Mirabai Get Gold Medal
In 53kg Category
Sanjita Chanu Get Gold Medal
In 69kg Category
Deepak Lather Get Bronze Madel

We get total  9 medal in weightlifting in 2018 commonwealth games

This is very different sport than other sport in weightlifitng gets years years for practice and hardwork is most discipline sport ever also it has to get many injury during the practice

Now we talk about power-lifting


What is Power-lifting ?

In powerlifting has three event Squat ,Bench press and Deadlift and has with different weight category.

Like weightlifting  it has three chance in this three chance  athlete give maximum lift in this three event The highest weights successfully lifted by each athlete then the total lift of athlete is compare with other athlete and resultant athlete with maximum total lift this athlete has win the 1st  place. So this is called has powerlifting . powerlifting has been rejected as an Olympic sport for a variety of reasons, are as follows. 

Why powerlifting is not an Olympic sport?

Because in powelifting has many use of drugs that’s why this sport cant  play in  Olympic.

In Powerlifting ,Has many establish Federation support pro level compition. From India ,Mukesh Singh is one and only athlete  with gold medal


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