Black hole concept of iPhone in 2020

The Black hole concept may possible in 2020 year’s iphone.  Designer Josselin Zaigouche he is the man who brings the Zero Phone concept. The Design of the Zero Phone is now incredible design.

The new phone is designed by Apple is based on 3D Holographic does not require glasses it is using 3 dimensional display with holographic image The functions will displayed or controlled in mid-air

When you open your hand the central ball of Phone will levitate and all functions will be controlled in mid-air,with the help of holographic technology of aid.
Things get Delightful when you try to use this handset.


The Black hole Concept uses the combination of 4 components

  • The giftbox
  • The prism
  • The charger base
  • The Black hole

It used as a desktop device when the Black Hole concept phone is connected to the charging base.It projecting the needed interface.
user’s get countless Applications,functions and programs on Black hole iPhone.

It is expected to be release Apple black hole in market soon, may be in 2020.

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