Augmented Reality Can Be A Good Carrier Option!!!

The prominent technology that you here frequently in Digital era is that Augmented Reality and virtual reality. And, each one of them has capability to bringing the technological revolution in this digital world. But, one of the biggest puzzle is to differentiate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In these Blog we are helping you to understand clearly AR technology.

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

Before proceeding in details let me explain you the literal meaning of the term Augmented Reality or AR.

Augmented means Enhanced and reality means the real world around you. Now thus, the literal meaning of augmented reality is the enhanced real world. And these enhancement is achieved via adding Audio, video and realistic 3D modelling into the real world. In simpler words, augmented reality is actually the real world enhanced with virtual contents

Still not clear? May these example will help you to understand.

“To understand augmented reality, simplest example is the live telecast of any cricket match with the virtual line or curve representing the path of a ball”

OK, now you must have the basic idea about what is Augmented Reality. Let’s get dive in technical aspect.

1. Augumented Reality in term of technology

In the current scenario AR is the rapidly emerging technology and it capable to provide a digitally enriched experience. In AR, virtual or digital contents are overlaid or infused into the real environment and in the real-time. In other words AR keep your real world untouched and just add virtual info into it. Film industry using these concept wildly.

2. Application of Augmented Reality

AR has many application in different section  And one Good think About AR is it provide you an unforgettable experience Yuppie it seems fun Right .However due to its complete immersive behavior, VR is mainly use in Gaming industry  and entertainment purpose [e.g. PlayStation].

AR has interactive characteristic in real time world, it’s mostly used for education, medical, marketing, real estate application and many more Augmented Reality Application available practical problem in an interactive pattern. AR is also getting into gaming, you all know about POKEMONGO, it’s one of the good Example

3. Hardware Requirement For AR

Hardware plays very important role in any technology. Here I have a good news for you guys, you can experience AR with your android or iPhone. Thus Any smartphone or Tablet with good camera and sufficient amount of Ram is enough to enjoy Basic function of AR. AND there is no need of any external hardware for AR.

Tip:- Microsoft HoloLens is one of the best wearable stand-alone AR headset.

4.Major Contribution in The Field Of  Augmented Reality

In these Digital Era AR and VR both seems very beneficial for companies. And there is no doubt the main reason behind why the tech giant company like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Facebook, Qualcomm etc. doing high investment in AR.  There are a lot of companies which are also developing custom applications and hardware to add value in the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies

5.Current Market share and Future prospects

VR & AR both have started penetrating into the digital market. AR is still in the experimental stage with technical enthusiasts. Whereas, VR has already materialized into the commercial format (e.g., Samsung Gear VR headset, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc). Thus, in terms of number of products, currently Virtual reality shares a larger portion of market than Augmented Reality.  But, a number of interactive AR applications and AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens has already introduced to this tech craving market. And, this is the reason market experts predict Augmented Reality as a leader in the long run.

Hope You guys have got an idea about Augmented Realty. If you are now planning to do a Career in Augmented Reality , I must say it is one of the most awesome career option as its experimental stage you definitely had good scope in the field of AR. If you fell these article is  helpful for do subscribe and we send you the update about more interesting other fact and help you to increase your knowledge. If you had any suggestion please fill free to leave below in comment box. Have good life and god bless you

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