what kind of features a hosting plan should have

Hi, I know its kind of late and sorry about that. Let’s start with today’s topic, previously I uploaded blog regarding to website development in which i quoted about hosting  ,let’s have deep dive into it. Hosting always play role because your site speed depends on your hosting. In SEO Point of View site speed matter most.

First of all you need to have basic idea about your website’s requirement, Such as what kind of website you going to make, what language or What platform you going to use etc. Because sooner or letter you going to have much traffic on your site, and for that your site able to handle that much traffic

What is Hosting

Hosting is nothing but the space or particular amount of storage on server on which user can design or develop their website which is accessible via the World Wide Web 

highly coustmizable +knowledgesuttra

Features your hosting Plan must have

Unmetered / Unlimited bandwidth :-

As per I quoted above you need to have basic idea about your website requirement. Once you ready to buy Hosting Service afterwords  the main thing you mostly have to concern about is your visitor never seen any error . For that you need to have Unmetered bandwidth service. Let me explain you why?

Let you have Limited bandwidth (1GB), Bandwidth is nothing but the quantity of data that a server can transfer in particular amount of time. Once 1GB bandwidth exceeds your website visitor’s sees error.


Again what amount of storage you need to have totally depend upon what kind of website you going to have. Like if you going to have BLOG_SITE 30Gb space is enough but latter on you need to have more space. If you have Online shopping site Buy Unlimited Storage.

Customer Support  

 Customer service plays main role. You cant predict when error occur some time it related to your websites coding section , sometime problem belongs to main hosting providers. That’s why 24*7 customer support is required.

Now many Hosting providers have 24*7 customer service available like Godaddy,Bluehost, Hostgetter.


You can’t any hosting service until you use it and in other hand just in sake of trying we also can,t spend money. Here review can give you basic idea, Always check reviews what type of experiences other user have have got. It will help you to get in order to decide best hosting services.


Last but not the list pricing. As customer we have right to compare all the services according to price line . If you are choosing hosting provider who provide all the features then buy for long term, you end up with paying less.

let me know in comment section which company is most trusted company as a hosting providers

Build your first Virus + Trojan + Malware

Hello ,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .As everyone knows computer listen only one language which we don’t. It is coding. And what a hacker do during development of viruses, trojans, malware. Yes ! You are 100% right. They uses coding. But many of newbies confident on hating codes. We will see step by step.

What hackers actually do ?

As everyone knows hacker has knowledge of minimum coding & using toolkits. If you don’t have an idea about that, click here and get basic idea regarding Attack in Cyber World

Now, what we can easily do to develop a virus.

Its recommended to every reader that Do not try to deploy your developed viruses at self machine. But it doesn’t means that you gonna deploy it on others(Schools, Colleges, Friends, organizations) PC.

As you can see in the above image, you wish to get that tool. But,….! Huuurreeeeeee !!! I  Am giving it to you guys.

Click Here ⇒ Download

Before using it on your Personal Computer Please read it carefully.


  1. Once you deploy this virus at any machine will disable to open your Terabit Virus maker too.
  2. After you made/deployed your VIRUS/MALWARE/TROJAN, the organization/this reference is not responsible for the any kind of malicious activity.
  3. If you liked it, share as much as possible.

Unexpected wildcard entries and exits in FIFA Worldcup 2018

The occasion of the decade have recently started and its nothing unexpected that it has an epic start with Russia scoring a magnificence score of 5-0 with its match against Saudi Arabia.

Other main consideration with respect to is that ,The surprising qualified and inadequate nations.


would you be able to think about a world class without Argentina In the Conmebol qualifiers for 2018 World Cup, at a certain point, they were by all accounts missing their plane to Russia yet on account of one also, just Messi who single handedly dragged his country into the World Container with a splendid hattrick. One noteworthy explanation behind Argentina’s string dull exhibitions is their over dependence on their charm Messi. These details just represents themselves. Be that as it may, as usual, when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, Messi to the safeguard. The 30-year-old scored his 44th vocation cap trap to poke them to a 3-1 triumph, provoking the Argentinian mentor Jorge Sampaolito say “Messi does not owe Argentina a World Cup, but instead football owes him a World Cup.”


The group, which holds the record for playing most number of world mugs without really winning the competition (they lost to Germany in 1974, Argentina in 1978, and most as of late, Spain in 2010), neglected to make it to the qualifiers regardless of winning 2-0 to Sweden. Netherlands’ forward Arjen Robben recognize the fans following their FIFA World Cup 2018 football, Group A, capability coordinate between the Netherlands and Sweden at the Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam Iceland is in Too. As the littlest nation to qualify in FIFA 2018,The past littlest nation to have achieved the World Cup was Trinidad and Tobago (populace of 1.3 million) in 2006. The island country, whose mentor was low maintenance dental specialist, prevailed upon 2-0 Kosovo to anchor a spot in the best 32.


a group like Panama may battle to win even a solitary point in their gathering. Belgium and England should beat them, and Tunisia may well beat them, and Panama will be out with 0 focuses. No Offense it was a pleased minute for the fans and even provoked the President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela to announce a national occasion!


“It is a notable day for the nation. Tomorrow will be free for the general population and private segment laborers,” the President tweeted, before lining it up with a photo of him marking the pronouncement announcing the occasion.


The reason is straightforward, so don’t overthink it: The United States didn’t fit the bill for the World Cup in Russia this year.A portion of the countries who passes up a major opportunity the world class, The major glaring oversight is Italy, who lost the playoff attach to Sweden, along these lines neglecting to meet all requirements for a World Cup without precedent for a long time. Another huge name to pass up a major opportunity is the Netherlands, who won’t include at the World Cup finals out of the blue since 2002. The United States have been a backbone at the World Cup finals since 1990, yet they, alongside South American heavyweights Chile and driving African lights Ghana and Ivory Coast, won’t include in Russia one year from now.

First Application with Android

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. In the previous blog we saw the introduction to Android Application development and Application component and some Additional Component to Build Android Application. In the previous blogs we just saw the theoretical things and from now we will start making Android Applications with the help of Android Studio. In the todays blog we will making our first Android Application. It our First Application so we will start with the very simple Application.

Working of Application

In our first Application we will do simple thing, we have to put name and it will return us Good Morning with the name which we entered. For example we enter name Akshay, it will return us Good Morning Akshay after clicking on button.

What we Need to make this Application?

To make Application we have too things

  • activity_main.xml
  • MainActivity.java

In the activity_main.xml we design our Application, we can design your application how it look. But we just make it simple we need one TextView to give title or heading and we require one EditText to enter the name and lastly we require one Button to click and run the task.

In the MainActivity.java we will import the entire things which we need in activity_main.xml file.

Start making application!!

Step 1: –

Click on New Project

  • it will ask for Application name, give the name to your project.
  • Then it will ask Company domain, you have to put your domain if you have a website or server otherwise you can give it any name with .com
  • Then it ask project location it will take automatically but if you want to change the path you can give path hare and change it easily.
  • Don’t tick on Include c++ support and Include Kotlin support. Just click on Next Button.

Step 2: –

Now it showing Target Android Devices, in this you can choose for which device you want to develop application it give some options just like Phone and Tablet, Wear, TV, Android Auto, Android Things you can choose any of it. But we choose just Phone and Tablet. You have to set hare for which version your application will support, set their API 16: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Then click on Next Button.

Step 3: –

Now you have to select Activity, it will give you lots of options like Basic Activity, Bottom Navigation Activity, Empty Activity, and so on. We have to take Empty Activity for our Application.

Then click on Next Button.

Step 4: –

Now it will ask for Configure Activity you don’t have to do anything just click on Finish, and your project will start.

We will start with the xml file.

  • First of all we have to design our application, how it look like.
  • We have to select Layout first. Take ConstraintLayout (you also can use LinearLayout of type vertical). You can drag drop it or you can do it with xml coding.
  • We have to Drag TextView from the Palette and Drop it.
  • Click on Attributes which are placed on the Right corner of our project.
  • In the attributes you have to give one unique id to every attributes. I am giving it
  • Then give it Title as you want, I am giving Good Morning.
  • Now drag one EditText of type Plain Text. And drop it.
  • Do the same go to Attributes and give a unique id, I am giving In this don’t set ant Text, hare we are giving Hint it is also in Attributes. I am giving Enter your Name.
  • Now drag one Button to run our application, and drop it.
  • Do the same things again give it one unique id and give it text like ok, go, click, something like that. I am giving ok.

Hare we complete our design now it’s time for coding.

  • Go to MainActivity.java
  • First of all we have to initialize all that things which we take in the xml file we take one Button, one EditText and one TextView.
  • We can do this by too different ways, we will see one way hare and other one in Next project.
final TextView txtName = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.txtName);


    • Like the above code you can initialization and declaration on one time.
    • Like this code you can initialize remaining two attributes also just changing their name and id.
    • Now the important code start we have to fix one method with Button. setOnClickListener it means that this ,method will call when we click on the Button.
    • I am giving a sample code below.
btnText.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener()
public void onClick(View view){ String name = btnText.getText().toString();
int age = Integer.parseInt(name); txtName.setText("good Morning, " + name); } }) ;
  • This is the code to give method to button.
  • In this method we are taking string (Name) in the EditText. And converting it into integer.
  • In the last code we marge good morning with the name.
  • Click on Run Button, green triangle like Button.
  • Run with emulator or external Device, I suggest go for the external device.
  • You just have to plug your phone with your system with the help of USB cable, and start debugging on your phone.

Hare we complete our coding part and you can run it now, i hope you get good result with this project if any problem will come you can ask me in the comment.

Applications Component and Some Additional Component to Build Android Application

Hello everyone welcome to knowledgesuttra. In the last blog of Android Development, we saw the Quick Guide ON Android Studio Installation. Before starting Application Development we have to know about Applications component. In the today’s blog, we get some idea about Application components and there application or work. This will help you to Develop Android Application. Other than that we will discuss Additional components which help you to make your Application more batter and efficient.

Application Manifest

Before we go for the Applications component we have to know about the Manifest file. It is an xml file which describes how components interact and Manifest file tail about each component and their application. The components are loosely coupled by the application Manifest file. If we need to use any System components like camera, ringtone, wifi, etc. we have to take permission in the Manifest file. This will act as an interface between your application and the Android operating system. If your components are not declared in this file, they won’t be considered by the operating system.

Android Resources file

This is also important file in Development of Android Application. Is this use to manage all resources, you can manage other Resources apart from application code. It will use to manage resources like user interface string, colors, bitmaps, animation instruction, layout definitions, images, etc. these resources will be maintained in separate subdirectories.

Applications Component

Name of Components

  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers

All this are Application Components. We will discuss all these components in brief.

Activities: – Activity is nothing but the user interface and control of that UI to the smartphone screen. Activity represents a screen with a user interface. For example, everyone uses Whats app Application in their mobile phones you will better understand with this example, in Whats app you have one activity that shows a list of your chats, other activity to chat with the particular person, and one activity shows status. If an application has more than one activity, then one of them should be marked as the activity that is presented when the application is launched.

public class MainActivity extends Activity 


Services: – A component that runs in the background to do tasks and operations which require Application. For example services like play music, camera, internet, SMS, etc. it does not disturb activity it work in background.

public class MyService extends Service 



Broadcast Receivers: – Broadcast Receivers just react to broadcast messages from different applications or from the framework. For instance, applications can likewise start communicates to tell different applications that a few information has been downloaded to the device and is accessible for them to utilize, so this is communicated beneficiary who will catch this correspondence and will start a fitting activity.

public class MyReceiver  extends  BroadcastReceiver 



Content Providers: – As the name Content provider it provides contents or Data from one application to other application on request. The requests are handled by the ContentResolver class. The data will be stored in the file system like database or somewhere else entirely.

public class MyContentProvider extends  ContentProvider 



All this are Application Components, other than that we are having some Additional Components as well which are used to construction of components and their logic.

Additional Components

  • Fragments
  • Layouts
  • Views
  • Intents
  • Manifest
  • Resources

Fragments: – Fragments will likely become a staple of almost every real app you make. They are so useful; there are so many reasons to use them; and once you get used to them, they are so simple. There is almost no reason not to use them.

Layouts: – Layouts are, as their name suggests, used to lay out all the other elements within them. What is key, however, and will become apparent as we progress, is how different layouts are more suited to different situations. In addition, we can use the same widgets on different types of layouts, and the XML code that will be generated for us will vary quite a lot.

Views: – Android provides a facility of Views in this we can give many types of views directly just like webView for the browser, imageView for Images, listView for the list,etc.

Intents: – In perhaps its most common use, an Intent object allows us to switch between activities. But, of course, activities are classes. So, what happens to their data when we switch between them? Intents handle this problem for us, as well, by allowing us to pass data between activities. For example, we could provide a link in our app for the user to send e-mail, make a phone call, interact with social media, and open a web page in a browser and have the e-mail, dialer, browser, or relevant social media app do all the work.

Hence we discuss Components and Additional components in this Blog if you have any quarry related to this topic you can ask in the Comment below.

Adidas Telstar: Get acuustomed with the official ball of FiFa world cup!

The Adidas Telstar 18 is the official match ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is being held in the Russian Federation. It is planned by the company Adidas, a FIFA partner and FIFA World Cup official coordinate ball supplier since 1970, and in view of the idea of the first Adidas’ World Cup coordinate ball

The name of the ball was uncovered on November 9, 2017 at the official introduction in Moscow by Lionel Messy, victor of the Golden Ball at.


point by point “Telstar” is a mix of the words “TV” and “star”




This was done to guarantee that TV gatherings of people would know where the ball was while diversions were in activity, because of numerous TVs at the time brandishing a highly contrasting screen


You can discover more information on, their official site,




The official ball being utilized at this current summer’s World Cup finals could prompt a lot of long-extend objectives, as indicated by various goalkeepers at the Russia last.


To get a sharp data, we have this video on inclination,


Key players to look out for in the current FIFA worldcup 2018.

The buzz around the universes most adored games have officially taken its pinnacle , The primary match will occur between the host nation Russia and Saudi Arabia took after by Egypt and Uruguay. The world has officially set their eyes on the distinct advantages of the accompanying scene container ,so we should start the rundown goes like,

#1 Isco [Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez] Isco [Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez]+knowledgesuttra


Viewed as a standout amongst other assaulting midfielders in world football, Isco is a characteristic ability. The Real Madrid whiz is the proprietor of awesome play-making aptitudes and has a surprising skill for objectives. He can spill effortlessly past couple of difficulties and is a skilled passer of the ball.


Image Source :- By Антон Зайцев – soccer.ru, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

#2 Neymar [Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior]

Playing professionally since the age of 17, Neymar wore the Santos pullover to hNeymar+knowledgesuttraelp win the Brazilan club three titles and was likewise declared the South American Footballer of the year in 2011 and 2012 preceding he moved his base to Barcelona. What Neymar implies for a group? Ask the five-time World Cup champs Brazil, who were mortified by Germany in the last version of the competition following his damage flight in the past match against Colombia. Ask Barcelona, who were propelled by the 26-year-old to content the best rebound in Champions League

image source :-By Antoine Dellenbach from Paris, France – Neymar Jr Presentation | Press Conference for PSG (04/08/2017), CC BY-SA 2.0, Link


#3 Cristiano Ronaldo


Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is frequently viewed as extraordinary compared to other footballers to have played the amusement and his exhibitions over the better piece of 10 years have just aided in fortifying that conviction among football fans.

 By AddesolenOwn work, CC0, Link

#4  Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is an Argentine previous expert footballer included among the best players the world in football history.Lionel_Messi+knowledgesuttraimage source :-By Football.ua, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
The main player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d’Or, he was likewise the primary player to win three European Golden Shoes. Amid his playing vocation he smashed numerous world records and right now holds the records for generally objectives

#5 Toni kroos

As a standout amongst the most mysterious footballers on the planet, he has been a piece of a few groups that have won numerous household and global competitions a midfielder for the German national football group and for the Spanish club ‘Genuine Madrid.’

By Steindy (talk) 17:13, 11 June 2011 (UTC) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

#6 Luis Suarez

He is as yet thought to be a standout amongst other strikers on the planet and has been the European Top Scorer and victor of the ‘Brilliant Boot’ grant twice. His forceful nature on the field has been ascribed to his brutal upbringing,the star striker of Uruguay national group

  Image Source:-   By Lluís from Sabadell (Barcelona), España – LFS_13398, CC BY 2.0, Link

#7 Paulo dybala

Paulo Dybala is an Argentinian footballer, who is eminent for his perfect style of play and the capacity to score objectives. He began his profession in 2011 with the Argentine games club ‘Instituto de Cordoba.’ He at that point joined the Italian club ‘Palermo’ in 2012 and kept playing for the group until 2015


Image Source:- By Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro)Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

#8 Timo Werner

With 21 objectives, the Stuttgart local made an advising commitment to Leipzig’s traveling Bundesliga enlistment, which finished in a sprinters up compartment and programmed passage into next season’s UEFA Champions League bunch organize. Outgunning senior statesmen Sandro

On his eighteenth birthday Werner signed an expert contract till Gregorian calendar month 2018 with VfB city. He went on to attain fourteen goals in ninety six league appearances, throughout which period he became the youngest player to form fifty Bundesliga appearances within the competition’s

Image Source :- By GranadaOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

#9 Gabriel Jesus

The name on everybody’s lips nowadays is Gabriel Jesus. The high school celebrity has had a staggering begin to his Premier League profession with Manchester City and may have effectively prevailed upon director Pep Guardiola, who has started him twice finished experienced striker Sergio Aguero.

Image Source:- By Football.ua, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link



Health and fitness : Importance Of Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients

Today we are talking about macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients this two are very important topic for those who are serious about health and fitness .macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients plays very important role ,that’s why today we  going to take deep  information about it. Let’s first look on macro-nutrients.micro+and+macro+table+knowledgesuttra

what are macro-nutrients?

macro-nutrients are the main factor of our body that is

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fat

Let’s about protein first

 #1 Protein

As we know ,Protein play main role in our body and if you want have deep knowledge about of protein then check out our previous blog

Also Read:- A complete guide on Whey Protein

Let have an overview on  protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and we get protein from many foods like dairy product, plant and protein powders . protein also essential for  eye,bone,skin as well as it is repairing  muscle and fibers

Advantages of Protein

  • Producing antibodies for the immune system
  • Manufacturing hormones
  • Adding in the digestion and absorption of food
  • Maximizing the transport of oxygen to tissues
  • Providing structure for muscle, tendons, ligaments, organs as well as it is good for hair, skin and other tissue

How much protein should you consume per day?

 Ideal protein intake will depend on factors such as weight muscle mass and fitness goals

 The average person will have completely different protein needs than a professional athlete or 300-pound bodybuilder.

Have look on following cases ,Which help you to understand above term

1)To live  a healthy life

0.5 to 0.7 per pound of your body-weight(it is for average person and looking for build muscle)

2)To Build Muscle

0.8 to 1 gram per pound of your body-weight

3)To lose fat and maintain muscle

0.8 to 1 gram per pound of body-weight

(when losing weight, your primary goal is always to maximize lean muscle mass to achieve this high protein diet is very important and stick to 1 gram per pound of body-weight)

#3 Carbohydrates

Your body breaks carbs down into glucose which is transported throughout the body to provide the energy .it is the main source of energy for a body and mass like fat and protein carbs are not very essential without carbohydrates, your can’t survived.Carbs are important part of a healthy diet, It help to  regulate protein fat ,metabolism and rope ad repair of tissue just like protein all carbohydrates

Important point

1) fats contain 9 calories per grams

2)Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram

Advantages of carbohydrates

  1. It’s essential for hormone production ,brain function and body processes.
  2. during high-intensity activities your uses glycogen and converts it back to glucose for a new level

There are some myths about carbohydrates, that is do carbohydrates make you fat? here it answers no,carbs are not get you to fat

How many carbohydrates should you eat per day?

Optimal intake depends on a variety of factors but even without knowing your exact measurements we can still narrow in on a range using only your body weight and training intensity

This are cases for intake of carbs

1)Light workout

30 min. or less than 10 working sets

1 to 1.25g per LBS

2)Moderate workout

30 and 60 min or more than 10 working sets

1.25 to 1.5g per LBS

3)Hard workout

Anything more intense than a moderated workout

1.5 to 1.75 g per LBS

#3 Fat

There are three types of fats

Saturated fatsUnsaturated fatsTrans fats

1)Saturated fats

Saturated fats is called as bad fat (e.g butter, cheese, whole milk )were long believed to raise LDL(low-density lipoproteins)

Causes of saturated fat?

It can cause clogged or blocked arteries therefore a high LDL cholesterol can theoretically put you at risk for heart attacks stroke and major health problem

2)Unsaturated fats

It lowers your LDL(low-density lipoproteins) cholesterol most vegetable oils that are liquid at room temperature have Unsaturated fats

it includes (Olive and canola oils,safflower,sunflower, corn, and soy oil)

we can say it is good fats of source

3) Trans fats

it is formed when vegetable oils is infused with hydrogen this is often done to keep foods fresh for a longer time the problem is that studies show that relatively small amounts of these paths will increase the risk of different health problems including heart disease , Alzheimer’s,breast cancer depression or more

(this type of fat mainly saw on roadside food)

How much fat should you consume?

in order to maintain your general health and fitness you need only around 0.3 grams per pound of fat-free mass per day Continue reading Health and fitness : Importance Of Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients

The plunges and hops of Latest Android P,and why it’s the Google most eager update till day.

Rather than demonstrating to all of you the ways you can utilize its telephone working framework to accomplish more, it’s making highlights to enable you to utilize it less.

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It will likewise enable you as far as possible on yourself. You could give yourself a half-hour of Instagram every day, for instance. Once your 30 minutes is up, the symbol will go from its standard eye-getting slope to a dull gray-scale.It’s the greatest change to how clients get around on their telephones that I’ve found in a long time.Last year, Android Oreo was more about interior changes than client confronting highlights. This year, Android P is brimming with visual changes and new highlights, as far as how it really feels to utilize an Android gadget everyday, it could be the greatest refresh in years.

There are 2 billion Android clients. It’s the biggest portable working framework on the planet

What number of warnings you’ve received. A pie graph of to what extent you’ve utilized each application on your telephone that day etc How warnings do or don’t buzz your telephone, so in P, Google is making them less demanding to get to.

You can likewise sort by which applications send the most warnings.

P is demonstrating a great deal of guarantee.

Tap the Home catch/pill to go home Swipe up to get to the ongoing applications page Swipe up twice or complete a long swipe for the application cabinet

At first look, things like the beautiful symbols in Settings, roundabout Quick Settings symbols, and adjusted corners for pretty much every menu hop out like a sore thumb.

It appears as though Google’s continually attempting to discover approaches to amplify your telephone’s battery life however much as could be expected, and with Android P, those endeavors are available in another Adaptive Battery mode,157 new emoticon bacon, plate of mixed greens, turtle, and cricket emoticons.

conceivable name expectations of Android P

  • Android 9.0 Pancake
  • Android 9.0 Panna Cotta
  • Android 9.0 Parfait
  • Android 9.0 Peanut Brittle
  • Android 9.0 Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Android 9.0 Peda
  • Android 9.0 Popsicle
  • Android 9.0 Pecan Pie
  • Android 9.0 Pumpkin Pie
  • Android 9.0 Pastry
  • Android 9.0 Popover
  • Android 9.0 Praline
  • Android 9.0 Pandoro
  • Android 9.0 Poached Pears

continue checking sites for more updates.

A Quick Guide On Android Studio Installation

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. In the last blog we saw Introduction to Android Application development. In that blog we just get idea about Android. In today’s blog we see how to install Android studio Step by Step. Friends do you know the most difficult part in Android Development is Installation of Android studio. If the Android studio not install properly it will give you error and you can’t understand why it is happening. For that take your time with this section and make sure you follow each step exactly. After this, you might have some small issues depending on your system configuration.

What we need to setup Android Development environment


  • We need JDK 7- Java Development Kit.
  • Android SDK Manager (Included in Android studio or you can externally Download).
  • Android Studio

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Before we start installation of JDK, you need to know your system configuration. Which operating system your system having and whether it is 32 or 64 bit. If you don’t know, then follow the little step to know about your system configuration.JDK

  • Right-click on My Computer/ This PC icon, then left-click on the Properties option and you will get the system configuration.

After knowing system configuration we are ready to install the JDK.

  • Follow the link to download (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html).
  • First of all do web search for Java JDK download. Click on 1st2/3 links which is for JRE instead.
  • Then you will see window of Java SE Development kit 7.
  • 1stof all you have to click on Accept License Agreement, then find file according to your system configuration and download it.

After Downloading you have to install it.

  • If it is zip file then first you have to extract it or open zip file and find .exe file.
  • Right-click on that .exe extension file and select Run as administrator.
  • Then you will see the Setup window.
  • Click on Next.
  • Then you will see Custom Setup window.
  • No need to do any changes just clicks on Next
  • Then you will see Change Folder window.
  • If you want to change folder, then select folder there or give path blow and click OK
  • Otherwise directly click on ok
  • Then you will see Destination Folder window. Click on Next (it is exceptional).
  • Then Installation process will be start, it takes few minutes or more.
  • After process it shows Successfully Installed, then click on Close.
  • Then you see on dialog box just click on ok.
  • We install JDK7 successfully.

Installation of Android Studio

After successfully installation of JDK7 we have to install Android studio. For that follow the given steps blow. And make sure you don’t miss any step.

  • First of all we have to Download Android studio. For that just follow this link (https://developer.android.com/studio/). If link has changed, Simply Search for Download Android Studio or click here
  • After opening download window it show Terms and Conditions page. Click on the checkbox I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions.
  • Now click on Download Android Studio for Windows.

After successfully download Android studio follow the step for installation of Android studio.

  • Make sure your system is internet connected before starting installation.it may download missing files and folders.
  • Open folder where you have downloaded Android studio. Right-click on that android-studio.exe (name will be different) file and select Run as administrator.
  • You will see the Welcome window of Android Studio Setup.
  • Just click on Next
  • After that it asks for Choose components. Make sure all components options have a ticked before click on Next

  • If it showing no SDK found click on It will open SDK components Setup windows
  • Make sure all checkbox are ticked, and then click on
    • Then it show Verify Settings, just click on Next
    • It starts downloading components.
    • After downloading all components just click on finish


  • If you have already SDK file then after clicking on Next, it ask for Configuration Settings.
  • From hare you can change Android studio Installation location and Android SDK Installation location. By clicking on Browse button you can select location/change location.
  • Then click on Next
  • After that it will ask for Emulator setup, fill the configuration which are Recommended there.
  • Then click on Next
  • Next window showing Completing Android Studio Setup.
  • Just click on Next
  • Hurray!!  we successfully installed Android studio.

Go through all this steps to install Android Studio in your system, if any difficulty comes or for any quarry’s you can comment blow, I will definitely help you out.

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