Lord Buddha: The one who taught us THE MEANING OF SUCCESSFUL LIFE

Siddhartha Gautam, otherwise called Buddha ‘The edified (or stirred) one’ was the profound pioneer and originator of Buddhism. Gautam was conceived in the imperial group of Lumbini (Nepal) in fifth century BC.

He comprehended the part of everything from a spot of clean to the glorious bodies. He understood the more profound facts of life and framed ‘Four Noble Truths’ and the ‘Eightfold way‘ to lecture his discoveries through the recently shaped religion of Buddhism. He lectured the genuine significance of life and motivated his supporters to control their want, sins and bad behaviors to end their sufferings as a way to accomplish mental peace.Lord-Gautam-Buddha

The considerations and lessons spread by Gautama Buddha are groundbreaking. We have excerpted Gautama Buddha’s statements from his sermons and lessons. A gathering of Gautam Buddha statements and colloquialisms on life, karma, satisfaction, passing, religion, absolution, contemplation, peace, mind, truth, most profound sense of being, love, astuteness and that’s just the beginning.

⇒”The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

⇒”In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

⇒However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?

And many thoughts are here visit https: //bit.ly/2vKkFkJ

Setting of Static IP address in Kali Virtual Machine

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As you all knows Kali linux importans. Kali plays major role in The world of Hacking . As a beginner everyone has problem with IP configuration in Kali.

Mostly asked  questions that

1)      To be safe while surfing via internet what to do for safety ?

2)      How to configure the static IP address ?

3)      How to configure Static IP address on Kali Virtual Machine ?

All questions are get answered after you read this.

Setting up mask while doing illegitimate things is as necessary as our clothes during the bad situations. If you wish to know more about the IP,VPN,etc click here. Kali Linux as obviously works as command processing. And it is hard to configure it via commands processing.

Let’s Go !

Open the virtual machine :

1. Click on terminal or try key Ctrl+Alt+T

2.Now Check whether you are in the root or not, if not type

⇒ su root


3. Now check the total directories & files present there by typing ls(LS).

The only need to configure is IP by the single & important file interfaces.

Checkout the video for the complete tutorial.

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CyberSecurity jobs are waiting here : Skills for a CyberSecurity expert must have

Hi,Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  As we are in the way of learning Cyber Security, many thing’s still need to know. Yes,its true that we are learning Cyber security because we love to . But another question is Where should you these all knowledge .

Today i am going to quote some of the leading  sector where you can show your skill and get huge payout . Lets get started

1. Bug Bounty: Web Hacking

Programmers breaking a framework or system of an organization could wind up in prison, however lawfully hacking and capably revealing it to the particular organization could enable you to win a decent sum.

Indeed, even Google and Facebook paid out $6 Million and $5 Million individually a year ago to programmers and bug seekers for finding and detailing vulnerabilities in their web benefits as a major aspect of their bug abundance programs.

This course will enable you to investigate kinds of vulnerabilities, for example, SQL, XSS, and CSRF infusion and how you can utilize them to legitimately hack real brands like Facebook, Google, and PayPal and get paid.

2. CompTIA Security + Exam Preparation

On the off chance that you are an amateur and you need to attempt your hands and make a profession in the digital world, at that point you require a decent accreditation.

Starting with essential security basics, dangers and vulnerabilities, this course will enable you to stroll through further developed points, furnishing you with the information you have to pass the all around perceived CompTIA Security+ affirmation exam in one go.

3. Moral Hacking Using Kali Linux From a to z

Kali Linux is constantly a standout amongst the most current moral hacking devices and a most loved instrument of programmers and digital security experts.

This course offers you with the learning about Kali Linux – one of the mainstream working frameworks that accompany more than 300 devices for entrance testing, criminology, hacking and figuring out – and rehearsing distinctive sorts of assaults utilizing its hacking capacities.

4. Take in Social Engineering From Scratch

Social designing has been the essential driver of most prominent digital assaults as of late. Its effect on an association could bring about financial misfortune, loss of Privacy, impermanent or lasting Closure, loss of generosity and Lawsuits and Arbitration.

This course will enable you to figure out how to hack into all major working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, utilize social designing to convey Trojans to an objective, and communicate with the traded off frameworks, and also shield your organization from such assaults.

5. Moral Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques

Since each and every day an organization is getting hacked and having its site close down or clients’ information bargained, moral programmers are sought after. On the off chance that you need to make strides more like another profession in moral hacking, this course is for you.

This course will enable you to figure out how to sidestep distinctive security layers, break into systems, trade off PCs, split passwords, crash frameworks, and bargain applications, messages, online networking records, and after that assess their security, and propose arrangements.

6. Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch

To shield your sites and framework from getting hacked by programmers, you first need to take on a similar mindset as a programmer.

This course will enable you to figure out how to hack sites and applications via doing diverse digital assaults against it as a dark cap programmer however settle those openings that enabled you to hack them like a white cap.

7. Finish WiFi and Network Ethical Hacking Course 2017

WiFi hacking is a record-breaking interesting issue among programmers and also infiltration analyzers.

This online Wi-Fi and Network Ethical Hacking course are organized in an approach to furnish you with a top to bottom, hands-on, complete data on Wi-Fi hacking and its security to shield it from any digital assault.

Before the finish of this course, paying little respect to involvement, you will have the capacity to break a wide range of WiFi encryption techniques and prepared to begin seeking after your vocation in arrange security.

8. Hands on, Interactive Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

This course will show you, continuously, each phase of an infiltration testing condition with the goal that you can change and test your aptitudes.

You will likewise figure out how to utilize Rapid 7’s Metasploit to abuse targets and run post misuse procedures, use PowerShell with Empire, and sidestep hostile to infection programming from real merchants.

9. Digital Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed

Web security has never been as essential as it is today with more data than any time in recent memory being dealt with carefully around the world, government directing mass observation, and programmers taking touchy information from the badly prepared systems, sites, and PCs.

This course will walk you through rudiments of hacking to a comprehension of the danger and weakness scene, manufacture an establishment to extend your security learning, and ensure yourself as well as other people.

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Gmail Dispatch New UI with cool features

Google uncovered yesterday that it’s wanting to dispatch a new Gmail design in the coming weeks. The invigorated plan will show up for Gmail clients on the web, conveying it nearer to the organization’s changes for Gmail on versatile devices. The Verge has got screen captures of the new Gmail configuration, right now being tried inside Google and with put stock in accomplices.

Google is actualizing keen answers for Gmail on the web, a similar component from versatile Gmail that gives proposals to rapidly answer to messages.

Rest and Smart Reply are both at present piece of Google’s Inbox application for Gmail, and the two highlights are currently advancing toward Gmail on the web.

New side Bar:

Google is giving three new formats to look over, including a default see that features connections like records and photographs, an agreeable view that doesn’t feature connections, and a smaller view that expands the measure of messages you can see on a solitary page

Gmails New side bar

It’s not clear where this new Gmail overhaul leaves Google’s Inbox venture, particularly as Gmail is presently getting the Smart Reply and Snooze highlights from Inbox. It doesn’t look like Google is prepared to profoundly upgrade Gmail to its Inbox levels

Those sound like the needs of business clients, and there’s an unmistakable sense among the arrangement of changes Google has made that we’re all going to be dealt with significantly more like Google’s business clients. Which is no awful thing.

In the two cases, you, the sender, are accountable for to what extent the other party can get to the message. You’re fundamentally passing out a period constrained access permit.

Gmail for everybody, enabling you to obstruct the sending, duplicating, downloading, or printing of specific messages. It’s clearly not going to keep consider information extraction from such messages, yet Google trusts there’s an extensive variety of conditions where individuals incidentally or accidentally share data with the wrong individual,

Standard Gmail clients

You can empower the new look and highlights by tapping on the Settings machine gear-piece in the upper right corner, at that point selecting Try the new Gmail option.

In the event that you have a Gmail account that you use for work or school, at that point the record director should empower the new Gmail through the Early Adopter Program

The major new element in Gmail is classified mode, which enables you to set granular controls for delicate messages. Secret mode gives you a chance to evacuate choices to forward, duplicate, download or print messages, and you can likewise set the message to lapse at a predetermined time. There’s likewise a choice to repudiate get to altogether.

Google item lead supervisor

“What we’ve seen, particularly in business situations, is that bunches of these holes happen inadvertently or close coincidentally. They didn’t understand they should forward the email, or they saw ‘Don’t forward’ yet they didn’t think it connected to them and hitting the forward catch was simply so natural.”

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Internships :Pro’s and Con’s of having work experienced with An established organisation.

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As student engineering  Internships play major role in order to  provide weight in CV. When restricted to therapeutic graduates, the term is currently utilized for an extensive variety of positions inside businesses, non-benefit organization and government offices.

They are normally attempted by understudies and graduates hoping to increase important aptitudes and involvement in a specific field. Managers advantage from these situations since they regularly enlist workers from their best assistants, who have known abilities, consequently sparing time and cash over the long haul. Bosses advantage from these situations since they regularly enlist representatives from their best understudies, who have known capacities, in this manner sparing time and cash over the long haul

Guidelines shift from nation to nation about when understudies ought to be viewed as representatives. The framework can be available to misuse by corrupt managers.

Temporary jobs for proficient vocations are comparative in some ways, however not as thorough as apprenticeships for callings, exchange, and professional employments.

Normally, a temporary job comprises of a trade of administrations for encounter between the understudy and the association. Temporary jobs are utilized to decide whether the assistant still has an enthusiasm for that field after the genuine experience

The advantage of bringing an understudy into all day business is that they are as of now acquainted with the organization, their position, and they commonly require almost no preparation. Temporary jobs give current understudies the capacity to take an interest in a field of their decision to get hands on finding out about a specific future profession

Temporary jobs exist in a wide assortment of enterprises and settings. An entry level position can be paid, unpaid, or mostly paid (as a stipend). Internships may be part-time or full-time and are typically adaptable with understudies plans.

Paid internships are basic in proficient fields including medicine, architecture, science, engineering, law, business (especially accounting and finance), technology, and advertising

Work look into, virtual research (graduation) or dissertation: This is for the most part done by understudies who are in their last year of school. With this sort of temporary job, an understudy researches for a specific organization

Halfway paid internships is when understudies are paid as a stipend. Stipends are ordinarily a settled measure of cash that is paid out all the time

For instance, an understudy might be granted scholastic credit simply after their college gets a positive audit from the assistant’s boss at the supporting association.

Trustworthy firms :

You can get entry level positions locally however it is smarter to take care of business by experienced players.

There are thousand of organizations out there to help you, and furthermore business profile like LinkedIn, without a doubt , can be genuinely advantageous to land your acclimated wanted position

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Secure your Smartphone:Top Third party Best privacy and security apps

HI, We all are addicted to smart-phone, when we say SmartPhones , first thing which comes into mind Is Android . As you all aware and we mention in our previous Blog also, How personal data can still ans many thing, I insist you to take a look on it, If you think “your personal life Should be personal

As Sunder Pichai Stated Around 1 Billion + Active android user in the world [its 2017 report ], Android one of the famous as well user friendly. Today I’am going to list some of the third party apps Which helps you too let your Private life remain Private . Lets get started

1. LastPass Password Manager 

 The LastPass Password manager is apk which act as gatekeeper for your Digital Life. It helps to generate strong pass, as well as handle your all Password. It lock your all password in vault.


2.    Signal Private Messenger

Its very use full for those who are in relations And don’t wants to let anyone know, just kidding . It is an Open source service open to All which provide end-to-end encryption not only text messages but also on Your voice calling and video calling also.


You can find peopal from your database as well you can enter a number and have an conversation. Do agree that What’s App also provides same feature, But I still say, it can be the best alternative for whats app is Signal Private Messenger.


A highly recommended Application which  keeping your phone-based data transmissions private and secure. It has a free version as well a Paid version available in Google play store.

It Provide “military-grade” Encryption for your all mobile traffic. It has 3,000 services across  dozen country .

To know more about VPN click here 


ProtonMail – Encrypted Email

When you got to grasp your emails will not be intercepted, ProtonMail is that the app you would like to use. based by scientists at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), ProtonMail uses Associate in Nursing ASCII text file technique of end-to-end secret writing to stay your messages safe from prying eyes. you do not got to offer any personal info, and therefore the company says it keeps no records of IP addresses or the rest that would link you to your account. In fact, the corporate says even its own staff could not browse or access your messages if they needed to.android-privacy-security-apps-protonmail+knowledgesuttra

Authy 2-Factor Authentication

Aside from exploitation robust passwords, the neatest factor you’ll be able to do to stay your on-line accounts safe is to use two-factor authentication everyplace it’s offered. Two-factor authentication needs you to own a second type of characteristic info — sort of a code generated by Associate in Nursing app on your phone — additionally to your primary arcanum, so creating it considerably tougher for a contemporary assaulter to induce into your accountAuthy 2-Factor Authentication

Do comment below and let us know which Application Help you


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Insect Spy Drone with Dragonfly like Wings

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are going to discuss the Insect spy drone. Friends, you know about the Insect spy drone? The Insect spy drones are small in size like mosquito they can fly. The US Government funded to produce this kind of Drones.

The US Government producing this kind of drones for the urban areas. The Insect spy drone can land on you and it is having potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking on your skin, nanotechnology. It can be remotely controlled and it is having a camera and a microphone attached to it. It can fly and follow you to your home and send information with the help of trackers. It can attach with your clothes also until it is in your home

Applications and Design of Insect spy drone

The MAV’s i.e. Micro Air Vehicles they develop it in the form of tiny flying objects like a mosquito. The Application of Micro Air Vehicles or Insect spy drone in scientific and military people. Because the Insect spy drone having camera microphones, it can fly also and having other sensors with the help of that it can take pictures, videos and other useful scientific and biological information from people and it can go that places also where humans can’t reach. In the military, the Insect spy drone is very used full it can enter into the terrorist area and find all the details and send it to the military, from this information they can attack easily and catch them.

For the scientists, it will go at that Reagan or place where humans cannot reach. It can collect information from that places and give to the scientists for research. It can use to collect DNA samples of peoples and collect the information of them for the police. It can also use for the security of home and a particular area.

For the scientists, it will go at that Reagan or place where humans cannot reach. It can collect information from that places and give to the scientists for research. It can use to collect DNA samples of peoples and collect the information of them for the police. It can also use for the security of home and a particular area.

MIT try to build world’s most powerful fusion power plants within 15 years

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends do you know about the Nuclear fusion, it is the most promising source of clean energy. Nuclear fusion generates power and heat by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium. This heat could be converted into immense amounts of electricity.

Researchers have been taking a shot at building up a fusion reactor since the 1940s. So far the issue with each attempt has been creating as much power as the reactors take to run, don’t bother exceeding it. A standout amongst the most encouraging plans for a nuclear fusion reactor is the tokamak, a chamber that utilizations effective magnets to make a magnetic field to restrict the hot plasma created by nuclear fusion in the shape of a torus, or donut.

Not to be mistaken for nuclear fusion, which is the thing that nuclear power comprises of today and which depends on atom-splitting, the nuclear fusion produces power by melding hydrogen atoms into helium. It’s a similar sort of nuclear process that happens inside stars, including our own Sun. The heat that combination produces can keep running into a huge number of degrees Celsius – and, on the off chance that it can be saddled, this heat could be changed over into tremendous measures of electricity.

MIT has reported that it is working with another privately owned company called Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) to make nuclear fusion at long last happen. CFS as of late pulled in a $50 million investment from the Italian energy company ENI, which it will use to support the development. The objective? “The 15-year timetable is to get a gadget that puts 200 megawatts on the matrix,” CFS CEO and MIT graduate Robert Mumgaard told Gizmodo. “That is a little city.”


“If MIT can do what they are saying—and I have no reason to think that they can’t — this is a major step forward,”

featured image source :- www.computerworld.com

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The World Earth Day

The April 22, Earth Day is sometimes celebrated with out of doors performances, wherever people or teams perform acts of service to Earth. Typical ways in which of observant Earth Day embody planting trees, discovering margin trash, conducting numerous programs for employment and conservation, and exploitation reclaimable containers for snacks and lunches. Some folks square measure inspired to sign petitions to governments, business for stronger or immediate action to prevent heating and to reverse environmental destruction. tv stations oftentimes air programs addressing environmental problems.

Why to celebrate EARTH DAY

These day  may be a day dedicated to increasing awareness regarding the world and its problems whereas at identical time promoting new practices to resolve those problems. Today, over one billion folks over the globe participate in Earth Day activities. Earth Day is taken into account to be the most important civic observance within the world. As a results of the efforts place into this event, many policy agreements and acts were sanctioned like Clear Water Act and therefore the species act. Earth Day additionally brings awareness to exercise and therefore the numerous techniques that may be used. once it involves the setting, exercise helps to preserve its natural resources and making a cleaner atmosphere.

Some Facts Regarding to Earth Day

  •  1st celebrated on APRIL 22, 1970
  • Originated within the u.s , Earth Day became recognized worldwide in 1990.
  • Earth Day Network, the organization behind the world Day movement, works with over 22000 partners in additional than 192 countries worldwide to lift environmental issues.
  • Earth Day Network is that the world organizer for Earth Day

I thought , only are new generation can change our earth and have potential to make a better place. To accomplish These goal we need to literate our child, by just doing following things

  • Help clean up litter.
  • Take recyclable materials to a recycling center (for more info on recycle do’s and don’ts, visit Waste Management’s website).
  • Compost at home.
  • Turn out lights when not in use.
  • Don’t waste water.
  • Reduce fuel emissions by walking whenever possible.
  • Program the thermostat to be more energy-efficient.
  • Reuse and repurpose rather than using disposable items.



Vladmir Lenin: politician,communist,Russian Revolutionist

Under his organization, Russia and after that the more extensive Soviet Union moved toward becoming a one-party communist state governed by the Russian Communist Party

Vladmir Lenin created political hypotheses known as Leninism as a Marxist he accepted would cause the topple of capitalism and its substitution with socialism.

After French transformation, Vladmir Lenin came back to Russia to assume a main part in the October Revolution, in which the Bolsheviks toppled the new administration.

  Vladimir Lenin attending the 8th Party Congress His organization defeated right and left-winganti-Bolshevik armed forces in the Russian Civil Warfrom 1917 to 1922 and supervised the Polish– Soviet War of 1919– 1921

Reacting to wartime devastation, famine, and mainstream uprisings, in 1921 Lenin energized monetary development through the market-oriented New Economic Policy.

Generally viewed as a standout amongst the most noteworthy and powerful figures of the twentieth century. He turned into an ideological nonentity behind Marxism– Leninism and hence a conspicuous impact over the global socialist development. A dubious and profoundly disruptive individual, Lenin is seen by supporters as a champion of communism and the working class, while faultfinders on both the left and right underscore his part as organizer and pioneer of a tyrant administration capable for political restraint and mass killings.

A sharp sportsman, he invested quite a bit of his free energy outside or playing chess, and exceeded expectations at school, the drill sergeant and traditionalist Simbirsk Classical Gimnazia.

Freely championing Marxism inside the communist development, he empowered the establishing of progressive cells in Russia’s modern focuses

He additionally wrote a political tract censuring the Narodnik agrarian-socialists, What the “Companions of the People” Are and How They Fight the Social-Democrats

The uprising has started. Power against Force. Road battling is seething, blockades are being hurled, rifles are breaking, firearms are blasting. Streams of blood are streaming, the common war for opportunity is blasting up. Moscow and the South, the Caucasus and Poland are prepared to join the low class of St. Petersburg. The motto of the specialists has progressed toward becoming: Death or Freedom!

 Lenin on the Revolution of 1905

In spite of his disease, Lenin remained acutely inspired by political advancements. At the point when the Socialist Revolutionary Party’s administration was discovered blameworthy of plotting against the legislature

Stalin is excessively unrefined, and this imperfection which is completely satisfactory in our milieu and seeing someone among us as communists, winds up inadmissible in the situation of General Secretary. I consequently propose to friends that they should devise a methods for expelling him from this activity and should choose to this activity another person who is recognized from companion Stalin in every other regard just by the single unrivaled angle that he ought to be more tolerant, more amenable and more mindful towards confidants, less eccentric, and so forth.

 Lenin, 4 January 1923

Lenin’s Marxist convictions drove him to the view that society couldn’t change straightforwardly from its present state to socialism, yet should first enter a time of communism, thus his primary concern was the means by which to change over Russia into a communist society

There can hardly have been another man in history who oversaw so significantly to change so expansive a general public on such a scale”

In this way, Lenin’s impact was global.A questionable figure, Lenin stays both berated and revered,a figure who has been both adored and demonized. Even amid his lifetime, Lenin “was cherished and loathed, respected and despised” by the Russian people.This has stretched out into scholastic investigations of Lenin and Leninism, which have regularly been captivated along political lines

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